Tuesday, November 20, 2012

She's a Lady

I know I've talked about how Livi is transforming into a Barbie loving, pink obsessive princess, but this transformation just keeps evolving and I am now noticing a little lady before me. Even the way she handles herself is changing. She will always be clumsy like her momma, but there is a certain ladylike quality in the way she bounces around the room. She likes to twirl and bow and smiles widely when she says please. One of her favorite videos is one where the kids behave like adults. I know mimicry is common in 2 year olds, but when she struts around Aunt Beth's store and casually asks "to see those shoes over there" it brings the realization that my little girl is growing up quickly. She was fortunate enough to get spoiled by her Aunt last weekend when we came to visit Beth's store. She picked out several outfits to try on (all pink) and modeled them for all to see. She was in her element. When we bagged up her goodies, she had just as much fun taking everything out, refolding it and putting it back in... over and over again. 


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