Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Spot Treasure, Matey

Liam's "treasure" has grown into quite a collection of randomness. It's something I love to talk about with him because he really does have a knack for finding ordinary little things that no one else would give a second glance to, but once you pick it up and add it to the pile of other ordinary things it seems to take on such personality. We had a "found objects" project for an art class I took in college and this pile reminds me of that.

Needless to say, while I enjoy the pile and all it represents, it was beginning to take up too much room on the shelf. When Livi got some new shoes the other day, we decided to turn the shoebox into his treasure chest. A proper home for all of his found goodies. Liam decorated one side and I took the other. It was a fun little Mommy/Son project and he was thrilled with the result.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

She's a Lady

I know I've talked about how Livi is transforming into a Barbie loving, pink obsessive princess, but this transformation just keeps evolving and I am now noticing a little lady before me. Even the way she handles herself is changing. She will always be clumsy like her momma, but there is a certain ladylike quality in the way she bounces around the room. She likes to twirl and bow and smiles widely when she says please. One of her favorite videos is one where the kids behave like adults. I know mimicry is common in 2 year olds, but when she struts around Aunt Beth's store and casually asks "to see those shoes over there" it brings the realization that my little girl is growing up quickly. She was fortunate enough to get spoiled by her Aunt last weekend when we came to visit Beth's store. She picked out several outfits to try on (all pink) and modeled them for all to see. She was in her element. When we bagged up her goodies, she had just as much fun taking everything out, refolding it and putting it back in... over and over again. 


Friday, November 16, 2012

Awesome Things Liam Draws

This fine work of art is a bird that looks like a real bird, but is, in fact, a robot bird controlled by that man in his stomach. The lines all over his body represent arrows. When I asked why anyone would want to hurt the bird with arrows Liam replied that "it wasn't a real bird, they just thought it was real". The conversation then continued like this:
Me: But they thought he was real. So why would they want to hurt the bird that they thought was real?
Liam: They are just arrows, Mom.
Me: But arrows hurt people honey.
Liam: No, these are not those kind of arrows. These are the arrows like the ones from the Nerf guns that are flat. 
* Score- Liam: 1, Mom: 0 *

Here we see another work from the robot era. This is a llama that requires several operators and even has a elevator near the base of his neck to transport them to their stations. To the left, we see a robot bunny and then a random hand under the rabbit.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Never Changing Who I Am

Lately the kids have been in a music video phase. There a few that they just love and make me play over and over again, but this one song is Liam's favorite. They call it the clapping song. You can see the original here. I love it for the obvious reason of awesomeness, but also because Liam gets so into it. It's the first time I have heard him try to carry a tune which you can kinda hear here. And they both get this serious, concentrated face when they are belting it out like they are trying to channel the singer. I have to think long and hard now when I introduce them to a song I like because inevitably we will hear it one million times before they move on to the next thing.

Breath of Fresh Air

"Fall" in Florida is pretty much a joke. There are no leaves turning colors and the short bursts of cold weather we do get never last more than a couple days.  Despite all that, it is still my favorite time of year. You can feel the excitement of the impending holidays in the air. It's cool enough that you can move around and not automatically break out in a sweat. It's just a happy time and I like happy.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Awesome Things Liam Says

Me: "Liam, we need to talk about your birthday party. What kind of party do you want? I was thinking of an army guy party."
Liam: "No, Mommy, I want Chinese."
Me: "Chinese?"
Liam: "China people, I want China people."
Me: "I don't understand what that means."
Liam: "China people!! Like Ninja Turtles, Ninjago, Mulan..."
Me: "Oh, you mean ninjas in general."
Liam: "Yea generals, like Sensei Wu"

Saturday, November 3, 2012


Originally, Livi was going to be Foofa. I had bought all of the stupid pink felt necessary to make this costume. But things have been so crazy lately that I basically had to create the thing the night before Halloween. Luckily, Monday night Livi proclaimed that she would be a princess. We already had the dress so the only thing left to do was make a quick trip to the dollar store to purchase some cheap jewelry and a wand. Done and done. Liam decided to repeat his army guy costume from last year. His creativity knows no bounds.

As usual, we spent Halloween with the Matherly's. Kevin dressed up like Jack Sparrow and would run in front of the kids and scare the bejesus out of them. When I asked Liam what his favorite part of the night is he said "when Jack Sparrow would scare us". I love our friends.

Mi principessa

Frankenstien pudding

The whole nutty crew

Red cups are necessary for dealing with many trick or treating kids


Sparrow and Hulk. I never knew they were related.

Liam's other favorite part of the night. Candy from a storm trooper.

Gimme candy!

She literally told them they wouldn't get candy if they didn't smile

Cameron is saying poopy alot off camera

Aren't We All

I'm thankful for my family and ninjas. 

Friday, November 2, 2012

Awesome Things Liam Says

Me: "Liam, why are you doing that with your head?'
Liam: "Cause that's how I take my photos at school"

*Oh, these oughta be good *