Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's happening!

It is quite possibly my favorite thing in the entire world. Seeing my kids draw things on their own that resemble actual things that you might recognize. Liam is not too big of an artist, but he knows one way to light up my face is to draw me something. Well now, ladies and jellybeans (as Livi says), we have a new contender! I was about to throw away this piece of scrap paper that Livi was doodling on when I noticed something that I recognized! A happy face. No, no.. TWO happy faces!!

"Did you do this? LIVI, DID YOU DRAW THIS?" I screamed like a crazy person. While Liam gawked at me as if I had a second head, Livi just nodded her head wondering if she was in some kind of trouble or something. No missy, on the contrary. You just made my day.

This is pretty much how she was looking at me while I was freaking out about my discovery.

Liam's first family portrait! Not sure why I have a teepee on my head or why Liam has wolverine claws.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Awesome Things Livi Says

* I am giving Livi a bath while Chris is putting Liam's clothes away in the next room *

Livi: Daddy come here
Livi: Come here Daddy
*Chris is ignoring her*
Livi: Daddy come herrrrrre
Chris coming into the room: Did she just say my name?
Me: Well, she got you to come here

Monday, May 21, 2012


We told Liam we were going to his Cousin Eli's house. We lied. We were taking him to Sea World. This is Liam not believing us.

Sunday, May 20, 2012


A little characteristic that I find extremely endearing in my four year old is his ability to see everything as treasure. It's a normal occurrence for him to keep a piece of woodchip from the playground in his pocket until pickup and then bring it out as a gift for mommy or daddy. And don't think you can get away with just throwing it away because you will surely be asked to reproduce it a couple of hours later. So this is our rotating pile of "treasure" that we keep around for such occasions. Wouldn't be great if we all found such joy in the little things?

Friday, May 18, 2012

Time Away

Yay for time away! It was much needed this time around so I was more than glad to accept when Beth invited us up to Deland. She rented a house and was kind enough to include us. One big house for one big, crazy family. The crazy part mostly refers to my kids. Anyway, it was beautiful and the kids were so excited to spend a couple days in the house with their fam. After a couple of days in Deland, we drove over to Orlando and surprised the kids with a trip to Sea World. It was such a fantastic little time away from reality.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Mothers Day

Look at this sweet video Chris made me for Mother's Day! ❤

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

I can't even handle it.


Between Pinterest and Mommy blogs, it doesn't take much to make me feel like I don't do enough in the creative department with my kids. Especially since I am supposed to be a somewhat "creative" person. There is only so much time a mom who works more than full time can do, but it's no excuse. This past weekend I decided it didn't need to be some big project to keep my kids engaged. In fact, I think it's the simplest things that get my kids imagination going.

So don't ask me where it came from, but I decided that we would go on a rock hunt around the yard. We grabbed our Easter baskets and pretended to walk through the jungle that is our back yard as we spotted rocks to collect. Then we brought our treasures into the patio to paint! What point does this have? Absolutely none. But like I said it's often the simplest and silliest of things that they find the most amusing. The kids loved it and through this I discovered I have a little artist on my hands. Livi spent about an hour painting intently. She was so peaceful and concentrated, I secretly wished we could build her her very own art studio in her room for occasions where she is feeling especially "two year oldish".