Friday, November 16, 2012

Awesome Things Liam Draws

This fine work of art is a bird that looks like a real bird, but is, in fact, a robot bird controlled by that man in his stomach. The lines all over his body represent arrows. When I asked why anyone would want to hurt the bird with arrows Liam replied that "it wasn't a real bird, they just thought it was real". The conversation then continued like this:
Me: But they thought he was real. So why would they want to hurt the bird that they thought was real?
Liam: They are just arrows, Mom.
Me: But arrows hurt people honey.
Liam: No, these are not those kind of arrows. These are the arrows like the ones from the Nerf guns that are flat. 
* Score- Liam: 1, Mom: 0 *

Here we see another work from the robot era. This is a llama that requires several operators and even has a elevator near the base of his neck to transport them to their stations. To the left, we see a robot bunny and then a random hand under the rabbit.

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