Saturday, April 27, 2013

When Life Throws You Lemons... make lemonade.  Is it  not fair to refer to my unexpected unborn child as lemons? I suppose it is. Before I explain, let me start by saying... WE'RE PREGNANT!! I am currently 10 weeks pregnant and our due date is November 30th. Now back to the lemons. I say this because we had it all figured out. We were completely satisfied with two and were ready to get fixed. Every baby item we owned was given away. Now we didn't have to worry about getting a minivan or changing diapers or an extra college tuition. But life doesn't always care about your plans and apparently throwing caution to the wind ONE time can get you pregnant, who knew?

Now that we have had time to digest the news, we obviously couldn't be happier. It makes things a little messier, but messier is always more fun anyway. The kids are also really excited to get another sibling. When we told them, Liam got a big smile and said he hoped it was a boy cause he's always wanted a brother. Livi on the other hand said, "I just saw a puppy". It took her a little longer to get what we were telling her. Now Liam involves the baby in all conversations about our family. The other day I took a sip of Chris' beer and he popped his head up and exclaimed "Mommy! What about the baby!!!" Already being protective. Today he drew pictures of all of my children for my locket that I have promised for months to fill. I couldn't have done it better if I tried.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Strawberry Pickin'

This must have been like a month ago, but whatever. In an attempt to do something different on a weekend, we decided to take the kids strawberry picking. So we schlepped up to Boyton Beach  to Bedner Farms. I don't know if it's always this way or if we caught the tail end of the season, but most of the strawberries were kinda rotten and gross. That just made it that much more satisfying when we found a good one. My grand plan was to make a bunch of strawberry jam and be all homely and stuff. Instead, I was more Jessi-like and waited too long and ended up throwing the majority of it away. #MommyFail

Monday, April 1, 2013

Awesome Things Liam Says

Liam: Mommy, how did you find Daddy?
Mommy: Do you mean how did I meet him?
Liam: I mean when you married him. How did you find him to marry him?
Mommy: Oh well, I didn't always know Daddy. I worked at a restaurant with Aunt Tina and that's where I met Daddy.
Liam: And then you married him?
Mommy: Yes, but not right away. We were friends for a few years first.
Liam: You thought he was handsome and so you married him?
Mommy: I did think he was handsome but that's not why I married him. I married him because he was kind and sweet and funny and we liked the same kind of things.
Liam: Do you only marry one person?
Mommy: Yea, if things don't work out you can get whats called a divorce and then you aren't married anymore. If you want you can marry someone else after you get divorced.
Liam: Are you gonna marry someone else?
Mommy: I don't plan on it. I kinda like Daddy. I think I'll keep him around. What do you think?
Liam: Yea, I like Daddy.
Livi chimes in: I like Daddy.

Awesome Things Livi Says

* Livi is watching a show with British accents *
Livi: Mommy, I watching Spanish.