Saturday, November 3, 2012


Originally, Livi was going to be Foofa. I had bought all of the stupid pink felt necessary to make this costume. But things have been so crazy lately that I basically had to create the thing the night before Halloween. Luckily, Monday night Livi proclaimed that she would be a princess. We already had the dress so the only thing left to do was make a quick trip to the dollar store to purchase some cheap jewelry and a wand. Done and done. Liam decided to repeat his army guy costume from last year. His creativity knows no bounds.

As usual, we spent Halloween with the Matherly's. Kevin dressed up like Jack Sparrow and would run in front of the kids and scare the bejesus out of them. When I asked Liam what his favorite part of the night is he said "when Jack Sparrow would scare us". I love our friends.

Mi principessa

Frankenstien pudding

The whole nutty crew

Red cups are necessary for dealing with many trick or treating kids


Sparrow and Hulk. I never knew they were related.

Liam's other favorite part of the night. Candy from a storm trooper.

Gimme candy!

She literally told them they wouldn't get candy if they didn't smile

Cameron is saying poopy alot off camera

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