Friday, July 29, 2011

Awesome Things Liam Says

Overheard the other morning over the monitor as I was getting out of the shower
Livi: (starting to moan and cry)
Liam: "It's ok Livi. I'm right here. You don't have to cry. Mommy will be here in a minute, little girl."
*... And the best, big brother award goes to...*

Monday, July 18, 2011

Neighborly Love

A couple of months ago, my best friend moved about 2 minutes away from me. Apart from the year we were roommates, we have never lived so close to one another. Not only does she live so close, but she has a house with a pool! It means everything to me that we get to have our kids hang out with each other the way that Tina and I did. I spent practically every Summer weekend in her pool growing up. When we started looking for a house, I was praying that we would find a decent one in our price range that was still close by. Turns out, we will be even closer to her than we are now.

By the way, last Saturday after a day outside with the kids in her pool, I left her house with one less child. That's right... Liam had his first sleepover with his buddies. It's true that he had a bit of a sleepover hangover the next day, but the stories of Tina busting the boys playing with their lightsabers when they should have been sleeping made it allllll worth it.

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sunday Morning

I have the pleasure of spending most Sunday mornings with my kids and hubby in my favorite place of all- my bed. It's a lazy way to start the day, but it's the best 20 minutes or so of my whole week. They make each other laugh and inevitably it ends abruptly with someone landing on someone else or getting hungry, but for those few, delicious minutes... I am in seventh heaven.

Monday, July 4, 2011


I can hardly take it. When my big boy got out of the pool yesterday and I was drying his face, I did a double take. What are those spots on your face? Liam grabbed the towel and started rubbing his face. After I convinced him it wasn't anything bad, I stared at his face for at least 2 minutes. I never realized that freckles could grow on you. And these little dots on his face just make him look so much like a boy. Even though he hasn't been a baby for sometime now, it seems like he has been completely letting go of any teeny bit of toddler he had left in him. These are like stamps that make it official.. officially a boy. And anything that follows in Daddy footsteps makes him a happy camper so Daddy was all smiles with this discovery.

P.S.- It also seems like you can only view these freckles by clicking on the picture and seeing the higher resolution. Blogger like to make the pics blurry for some reason.

Happy Fourth of July!