Sunday, October 30, 2011

Chicken Pox

Livi is prone to getting rashes easily for almost any reason. The other day she was eating a lollipop and a piece of it fell on her chin. It might have been there for five minutes and it left a red rash for a couple of hours. So when the daycare called me on Thursday to tell me she had a rash, I wasn't at all concerned. I didn't even make it a point to look at it until I got her into the bathtub. But obviously, this was no normal rash.

Even though Livi had been vaccinated, she ended up with Chicken Pox. Luckily, the doctor said that the chicken pox you get after you have been vaccinated is a far different one than those who get it and haven't been vaccinated. These spots on her belly were the only ones she got and I never saw her scratch at them once. So Livi and I got the day off together. We both have had a cold and needed the rest anyway. The doc said she could go back to school on Monday and the spots are already fading away. Now we just have to cross our fingers that Liam and Daddy steered clear of it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011


Helloooo?!?! I have cute kids. Very photogenic and gorgeous kids. Granted they have a thing against being photographed by actual photographers but how hard do you have to try to get pics like these of my kids? Liam looks so completely unamused that it's uncomfortable to look at. And I have the inside scoop that the one pic of him that is decent is due to the teacher offering him candy corn. 

And Livi... don't even get me started. The teacher tried the whole candy corn thing on her, but Livi don't play that. If she wants to be mad, she will be mad damnit! Apparently, she "didn't like the photographer". Well, Livi, that makes two of us. Anyway, I have never been a fan of the obligatory holiday pics anyway. You should have seen some of the other pics of the kids with their hands in a prayer position up to their face.. gag me with a spoon. I wanted to order some of these purely for the fact that they are, in there own right, kinda ironically awesome. However, I am not paying $15 a photo for something like this when I can just steal it off their site and put it on my blog... shhhh...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

"Let's Play Parade"

Dress up parade time somehow always ends up with Mommy dressing like a ballerina and getting chased around by a couple of pirates and/or clone troopers.

Hi Wivi: An Update

I found out after this video that Livi can count from 3-9 all by herself. I don't know why she chooses to skip over 1 and 2. She also mostly sings the alphabet. My favorite part is "L M N O P" cause she says "ELMO P". I have been trying for a couple of months to get it recorded, but of course I never catch it.

She also just started saying her own name which she pronounces as "Wivi". She is really into role playing. She likes to pretend to cook me dinner and make tea for her stuffed animals. She likes undressing and dressing her babies and strolling them around the house.

She also likes to do only what she likes to do. The force is strong with this one. She is extremely laid back, but if you don't give her what she wants she will throw a fit. She does this thing where she likes to act like a drunk rockstar in a hotel room. She will throw whatever is in her path across the room and then look at  you like "Yea, I just did that. Wanna see what else I can do?". It's actually a pretty amazing thing to witness.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Should I stay or should I go?

Eeek! Liam got this beauty last night at a friend's birthday party. He and his friends were acting like little monkeys jumping on the bed. Wouldn't you know it? One of them bumped their head. We struggled with whether we should take him to the hospital. The cut isn't big enough for stitches, but we were more worried about a concussion. He seemed to be with it and since he didn't fall of the bed (he hit his head on the bed frame), we decided against it. Instead we kept him up to see if got dizzy, threw up or complained of a headache.

And just cause he is a good daddy, Chris opened up the couch into a bed and slept with him for good measure. This morning, the swelling went down and he hasn't complained about it once. Crisis averted.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My Shining Star

I am so excited about Liam's development. Besides the fact that his puzzle skills better than mine, he has picked up on writing and drawing incredibly fast. Granted, I have NOTHING to compare this to. But I see how he went from knowing his letters to writing them and sounding out words and it's pretty astounding. He's also starting to color in the lines now which is a welcome change. I can only gloat over scribbles for so long before it becomes obvious that I am just not impressed.  ha. His letters are even staying within the lines. For a while they would start out that way and end up taking up the whole page. He can spell and kinda write his first and last name.

This week Liam was "Star of the Week" at school. Don't be too impressed. Every kid gets a week and it was just his turn! We had to fill out a questionnaire so the class could get to know him better. Among my favorite answers:
My favorite food is Gummies .
When I grow up I want to be a ninja and a clone trooper.
You have no idea how hard I tried to get him to pick a real profession.  "Yea, but what job do you want to have? A fire fighter? A boat captain? Wouldn't it be cool if you could work in a zoo all day?"
I got a crinkled up face and a "MoOOooOooOm, I wannnnaaa be a ninja and a clone trooper!"

Sunday, October 9, 2011


You know I have always been a believer that you should experience the place you live at some point like a tourist would if they were visiting. For Pete's sake, someone who doesn't even live here should not know more about it than you.. a native! But it took a Living Social voucher (a nearly expired one) to get our butts out to the Everglades. Shame on us! 

So glad that we did. The weather almost prevented us, but ended up helping us. The rain mostly stayed away and made it cool and overcast. Also kept the crowds away save for a German tour group and a family from  somewhere in the midwest.  I was afraid the kids might be terrified but they had a great time. It took about half the airboat ride for Livi to get over having a life preserver on, but once she accepted it she was happy as a clam.