Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

There is little I can say to accurately describe the thankfulness I have in my heart these days. Especially where family is concerned. Hopefully, this comes as no surprise. I can only hope that I have gushed about these fantastic people enough to make it known to them how much I love and appreciate them. This little getaway was about the best idea my dad has ever had and he and my mom made it happen. I know Liam and Livi are probably still too young to remember this in the distant future, but I don't think I ever will and I hope some version of this becomes some sort of a tradition.

Yes, the weather was great and the beach was FANTASTIC, but the memories for me came from just being with one another. The amount of love my parents have for my kids and Michelle's kids and Josh's future kid is so evident and amazing to witness. I'm a lucky, thankful girl.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Day one of death star piñata complete

Why yes, my back IS killing me. Two more days of this and then the painting. I sure hope this works. This is what I hope to end up with.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Giving In

Liam has NEVER owned any kind of G-U-N before. He earned some money and when we went to Target all he wanted to spend it on was this water gun. $2.50. All. He. Wanted. Was. This. Gun. I have resisted so much, but I finally gave in. It hit me that there was nothing I could do to stop him from loving the things and he may just want what he can't have more because it's being kept from him. So I said OK and you would have thought I handed him 100 lollipops. His face lit up and he couldn't wait to get it home and show Daddy when he got home from work. Funny thing is, Daddy was just as excited and ran out to get his own.

If giving in to a silly water gun produces fun times with family like this, I will do it over and over again.


Monday, November 7, 2011

The Sea Was Angry That Day, My Friends

We had SUCH an amazing time this past weekend. The weather was fantastic and the company wasn't so bad either. We had breakfast by the beach and planned to take the kids to play in the sand afterward. When we got to the beach, we saw this. I have never seen so many waves at a South Florida beach. I didn't bring a change of clothes or even a towel because I figured it would be just cool enough to stay away from the water. Liam had other plans. He and Daddy had a blast running into and away from the waves. By the time we left, we was completely soaked but grinning from ear to ear.

Some other cute pics from the weekend... (Side note: every one of these pics was taken with my iPhone.. crazy, right?)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

The Planning Has Begun...

Like everything in life always does, Liam's bday party really snuck up on me. Yes, it is a month away, but we will be going out of town for the Thanksgiving holiday which means I have next weekend to get everything prepared. It also means I will spending nights up past my bedtime perusing the web for ideas and going overboard. But seriously, I am not gonna go crazy... seriously!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boo- Happy Halloween!

I am beginning to LOVE Halloween. I never really cared about it before. But man oh man is it fun with kids around. Especially now that Liam is at the age to get it. It's just so much fun!
If you can't tell, Liam is an army guy and Livi is Pebbles.  We spent Halloween with our BFF's- the Matherly's. Liam and Cam were the leaders of the pack, running up to each house and screaming "Trick or Treat" while knocking repeatedly and shining flashlights into the windows. Luckily, Aunt Tina has some good spirited neighbors.

Livi was a trip. She spent a bit of time being chauffeured around in the stroller, but most of the time walking and carrying her own pumpkin. She insisted on not holding my hand and not letting me hold her pumpkin. By the end of the night, that pumpkin got pretty heavy, but she persisted in her independence.