Monday, August 19, 2013

Summer Ends and a School Year Begins

The End of Summer :(
And here comes school

The night before the first day of school, I thought we might have some problems. Liam was pretty scared and even went so far as to ask me about death and aging. "Am I going to die one day?" When I explained to him that we would all die one day, but it was a far way off and he didn't have to worry about it, he started to cry and said that he didn't want to go to school the next day because  he didn't want to get older and die. Jeesh.

But the next morning was far smoother. He was past his morbid thoughts and excited to put on his uniform. He had a few jitters, but got past them and didn't even cry once we left in his classroom.  I, however, did get a little teary eyed. 

When I got home, I assaulted him with questions about how his first day went and if there were any problems getting picked up for aftercare. He sorta rolled his eyes and his daddy said, "See Liam, I told you she would ask a lot of questions". I didn't get much out of him except that he saw some of his friends from Oxford and Neighborhood Kids, but he seemed confident and happy. Is it horrible that that made me a little sad? It is, but he is so big now and I have to accept it. This is like the next level. The level were they don't take naps and have homework and even occasionally get embarrassed by their parents.


Monday, August 12, 2013

Here's to Health

About a year and a half ago, it wasn't uncommon to hear my daughter say "We going to gym, be right back" as she strolled her babydoll away into the other room. At barely two, she understood that running or going to the gym was something I did. As I gradually stopped being active and spent more time working or watching tv at night, that phrase turned into "We going to mall, be right back". It was a bit painful to hear, but I had completely let go and became lazy. The miscarriage prompted me to go running a handful of time to get my mind off of it and try to loose the baby fat, but that quickly faded too. It wasn't until my lovely (and also crazy) friend asked me to join her Tough Mudder team that I really decided I would get back into shape... for real this time.

 Neither of us had been exercising with any regularity and this event is one of the toughest of its kind so it's just what I needed to force me to take it seriously. I've been working out 4-5 days a week now and I am so thankful for the push. Not only do I feel better all around, but my kids have taken to stretching with me. I know that everytime my kids see Chris or I head out the door to go running, it makes an impact. They see that this is something we make a priority in our day now. Writing about it here is a way to keep myself accountable. I want to remember what a positive outcome it has had on me and my family. I don't want to let it go again. And the other day, the best thing happened. Livi walked out with her doll and said to her "You want to go running? Let's go exercise."

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Awesome Things Livi Says

Me: Livi, how much does Mommy love you?
Livi: 20
Me: um, ok. How much do you love mommy?
Livi: 5
Daddy: how much so you love daddy?
Livi: 4