Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Thanksgiving Weekend

There is little I can say to accurately describe the thankfulness I have in my heart these days. Especially where family is concerned. Hopefully, this comes as no surprise. I can only hope that I have gushed about these fantastic people enough to make it known to them how much I love and appreciate them. This little getaway was about the best idea my dad has ever had and he and my mom made it happen. I know Liam and Livi are probably still too young to remember this in the distant future, but I don't think I ever will and I hope some version of this becomes some sort of a tradition.

Yes, the weather was great and the beach was FANTASTIC, but the memories for me came from just being with one another. The amount of love my parents have for my kids and Michelle's kids and Josh's future kid is so evident and amazing to witness. I'm a lucky, thankful girl.

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