Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Boo- Happy Halloween!

I am beginning to LOVE Halloween. I never really cared about it before. But man oh man is it fun with kids around. Especially now that Liam is at the age to get it. It's just so much fun!
If you can't tell, Liam is an army guy and Livi is Pebbles.  We spent Halloween with our BFF's- the Matherly's. Liam and Cam were the leaders of the pack, running up to each house and screaming "Trick or Treat" while knocking repeatedly and shining flashlights into the windows. Luckily, Aunt Tina has some good spirited neighbors.

Livi was a trip. She spent a bit of time being chauffeured around in the stroller, but most of the time walking and carrying her own pumpkin. She insisted on not holding my hand and not letting me hold her pumpkin. By the end of the night, that pumpkin got pretty heavy, but she persisted in her independence.

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Sof said...

Forget the candy and give me those kids....I could eat every single one of them...nom, nom, nom, nom. YUMMY!!! So sad I missed this :(