Sunday, December 4, 2011

A Star Wars Birthday

Liam's "small" birthday party was so great and perfect that it made it all worth it. I made a point to invite a lot less people than I have in the past. I got a little worried that maybe it would be too few, but it really was perfect. Manageable and containable. You can do more when it's containable.

We had Jedi training for all of the padawans. They had to complete 3 steps before they were full-fledged Jedi's: Pin the Saber on Yoda, Light Saber Training and Defeat the Death Star. Of course we had an evil visitor drop in right in the middle of training, but have no fear- Jedi Liam is here! He defeated the dark Sith and took his light saber to continue his battle by destroying the Death Star. I wasn't sure how he would react to meeting Vader, but he was beyond thrilled! Thanks to Papa for setting that up with Vader's agent ;) Sorry the video is kinda crazy, but I was so focused on what was actually happening that the video leaves a bit to be desired.


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