Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The founder of appeared on the Colbert Report last night and talked about how little it takes to prevent families in Africa from getting malaria. All they need to dramatically reduce the risk of malaria is a mosquito net- that's it. I had heard of this in the past, but never knew of a tangible way that I could make a contribution.

The entire process of purchasing and distributing insecticide-treated bed nets to children under the age of five, as well as providing education and follow-up surveying on their use, is accomplished at the cost of just $10 per bed net.
Studies show that use of insecticide-treated bed nets can reduce transmission as much as 90% in areas with high coverage rates. Bed nets prevent malaria transmission by creating a protective barrier against mosquitoes at night, when the vast majority of transmissions occur.

Can you believe that? How often do we hear about the awful conditions in third world countries just to shrug it off because there is nothing we can do to help. I don't want to to start sounding like Sally Struthers or anything so I will stop here. But just think how little $10 is to you and how much it could mean to someone else... that's all I am gonna say about that....

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