Sunday, September 28, 2008

My lovely ladies

I have never really put anything too personal on this blog. No pictures or stories. But I just had to say something about my two best friends. We had a dinner at Athena's house last night (the one in the middle) and the normal crowd was there. It's just so nice to have people in your life that know you so well and are so easy to "be" with... just "be"... I never have to worry about how I am gonna look or what I am gonna say. We are all way passed that stage. It's these laid back gatherings that make me sane. The daily grind of life can get to be a bit much sometimes so when we have these little dinner parties where we all just get together and relax, it reminds of how important it is to have fun and keep those people who mean so much to you close. I don't know what I would do without these ladies. I love you Sofia and Athena.. "your friendship means the world to me" -that one's for you Sof ;)

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Sof said...

How did I never comment on this??? I love that this was 5 years ago and nothing has changed...except for 1,000 babies. I love my girls!!!!