Wednesday, September 10, 2008

New iPod Touch

The new iPod Touch was released yesterday. It is a sleeker design, has built in speakers, and a longer battery life. While I love everything apple, this information would not usually warrant a blog post. Except to say that Chris bought one 16 days ago and you can only exchange the old one for the new one within 14 days. Of course, he has no complaints about his Touch. He adores it. But knowing that if you waited just a couple of more days, you could have gotten the new and improved version is kinda annoying. A day late and a dollar short! Well, actually it was $70 more, but whatever...

On a side note, one thing I really like about the new iPod is that they
are more environmentally-friendly, and are constructed with arsenic-free glass and BFR-free, mercury-free, PVC-free, and highly-recyclable components.

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