Thursday, September 4, 2008


I couldn't help, but start to reminisce about my elementary school years when I heard that New Kids On The Block was back on tour and apparently a pretty big tour. They were the Hannah Montana of my youth. I can just picture the pins with Jordan's face and the book cover with the whole band posing nonchalantly on the street. I went to a Christian school so we weren't really allowed to display our love of the band so openly, but that just made it cooler to love them. Although, I have to say that I never really did love the band. This is extremely embarrassing to admit, but I
pretended to like NKOTB. I was actually the only person my age in America that reverted to listening to records of The Beatles. Although now I think that I was actually very cool, I doubt the 12 year old me would agree. I would actually bring home the tape and listen to it like I was studying a test so that when I went back to school the next day I would be able to sing along to "The Right Stuff" with my friends in the bathroom. Oh the humility! In spite of all that, I still think fondly of NKOTB and remember all of the words... uh uh ooooh uh uh ooh uh uh ooooh... The Right Stuff (you know you are singing along in your head).

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Margaret (Peggy) said...

"The Right Stuff" is the only song title I know from NKOTB, and the only part of the song I know is the "oh oh oh-ooa" part.
When I was 12 the Beatles were popular and I did listen to and adore them. :) You were cooler then you knew when you were 12.