Tuesday, July 3, 2012


 We don't have a pool, but we do live in South Florida. And from what I hear, the earlier a kid can learn how to swim the easier it will be for them. Liam had lessons when he was 2, but obviously none of that stuck. So here we are again. Another summer and another round of swim lessons. This time for two. We all thought Livi would be a natural and Liam would take forever to brave the deep. But Liam has really taken to it and loves going to his lessons. I have noticed that when the teacher is gone and it's just us, he seems to revert back to pretending he can't while Livi backs away from the instructor and jumps right in when she isn't around. I really just can't wait until the day I don't have to frantically keep one eye on each child while we are in the pool. That will really be great.

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