Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's like "A Beautiful Mind" around here

Many trees have had their lives claimed by the little boy that lives in my house and insists on using paper upon paper to practice his numbers. Even for someone who fancies herself an environmentalist, I can't help but oblige. There is nothing I hold higher than spawning a love for knowledge. I think the majority of my family has a thing for learning. We all generally love learning about new things and understanding the way things work. Unfortunately, I think there is a negative stigma that comes along with learning and school once kids get into elementary and even more so when they get into high school. So my goal is to get him excited while I can and hopefully that carries over.

So far it's working. He loves to learn and I can actually use homework as a bit of a bribe. "If you clean up your toys, I'll let you do one of your pages from your workbook." The next thing I know, the toys will be put away. He recently learned to write his numbers up to 100 and that's what this latest obsession is about. He finally has the order down. For the longest time, 90 came after 29, 39, 49, etc... but now he knows them all and he gets the biggest grin and sense of accomplishment from it all. He is also learning subtraction and addition and it's just amazing to me how fast these little minds can grasp new concepts.

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Sof said...

WOW!!! [but the beautiful mind slug is freaking me out a lil...] Hahahaha