Sunday, July 15, 2012

Instagram Dump

I noticed that lately I have a lot less time to do things like blog so I tend to take quick snapshots that end up on Instagram and Facebook. But these quick snapshots are just as important as events where many pics are taken and documented. So I decided I would start occasionally "dumping" them on here for prosterity's sake. The whole point of this is to remember and have some reference of what times were like. So this will probably be recurring. In the meantime, here a few pics from the last month.

My Bday dinner with my girls

We like to dine in style around these parts

See, we can be girly too

What heaven looks like to a two year old (and four year old for that matter)

My most favorite girl in the whole wide world

He saves all the marshmallows until the end and then shoves the big ball in his mouth.

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Sof said...

I made the blog!!!! :) I miss my girls...every last one of you...(Livi and Avery included)