Friday, July 6, 2012

SO two

Having a child that is almost two and a half can be a challenging thing. This is the time that kids test everything to see what they can get away with. It's also the time they decide it is their duty to tattle on their older brother at ALL times. Even if said brother is doing completely normal things like picking up a toy or using the bathroom. "Liam using the pottttyyyyyy" "Liam holding his toyyyy" (read in ridiculously whiny and disconcerting toddler voice).

Add to this that my two year old already has a particularly stubborn and independent way about her and you get some frustrating and sometimes entertaining evenings. Liam is also at the perfect age to bother. As much as the two of them love each other, they can fill whole evenings with bothering, pestering, tattling and aggravation. Then there are those random times where they forget to annoy and retreat into their own corners where they find their imaginations and Mommy and Daddy get to remember why we keep them around. Liam will set up intricate armies and Livi will lovingly take her baby "to the gym real quick. I'll be back in a minute, ok?" I could drink these moments up and get drunk on them. They are so fantastic, it wipes all the other aggravations out of memory.. until the next night...

This is what Liv does when she can see herself on my phone as I tape her.

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