Thursday, February 16, 2012

Livi's Trip


The original idea was to go on a short, weekend trip for Livi's bday instead of planning a big party like I usually do. The reasons being that a) she is only two and b) I am tired. always.

So we opted for Busch Gardens and Sea World since Livi loves Elmo and fishies. I was worried that we picked the wrong parks. I hadn't been to either in longer than I can remember and had no idea if there was really enough to do for small children. Well, I can confidently say we made the right decision. Both place are absolutely awesome and both kids had a wonderful time. Even the big one I am married too did. Turns out they were having a Beer and BBQ festival kinda thing while we were there.

But as things turn out, the mommy guilt did not escape me. After all, what kind of therapy will she have to go through when she sees that Liam got a sweet 2 year old birthday party and I didn't even have a cake for hers? So I am having a little get together (with a theme) on Sunday. This Sunday. And yes, I did decide this two days ago. But it won't be a big deal and it'll be fun to have some people that we love over. I think it's the least I could do for the gal, seeing how entertaining she's been and all. 

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Sof said...

I love seeing pics and hearing stories about Liam and Livi...not sure if it's the age difference or that fact that you all are so retro, but it always reminds me of Rick and I growing up in the 70's in CA and it makes me feel nostalgic. I lover you!!!!