Saturday, February 18, 2012

2 Years Old

It was during the trip I realized it. We had a hotel room and the night we arrived was a rough one. We got there late and Livi is less than easy to put to sleep when she is past the window of time where she normally falls asleep. So she insisted on having me hold her in the dark room until her eyelids just couldn't stay open any longer. I could still smell the yogurt in her hair from snack time and her hand that she was using to unconsciously pat my arm was sticky. She flopped her head to the other side and wrapped her little chubby arm around mine. That was the moment I went from wishing I was in my bed to not wanting to be anywhere else in the world. These moments are fleeting and it won't be long before I don't even have the ability to pick her up (*cough, cough* Liam *cough, cough*). So even when I am exhausted, I need to delight in the fact that she is still attached and a little needy. It won't be that way for much longer at all. Two is a benchmark year. She'll just take off from here. So here is a little about our girl now...

She has more personality in her pinky toe than most adults I know. She LOVES to dance no matter what the tune. She is also pretty maternal. She's been known to line up her babies on her bed and ask "You cold? You cold, baby?" and then retrieve a blanket. Then she'll climb into bed next to them, open up a book and proceed to tell a lavish story that I wish I understood because man- does it sound good! And even though she flings them by one leg into a crib, she is always sure to cover her babies with a blanket.

She is the perfect combination of girly and tomboy. She likes pink and her princess cup, but would rather wear shorts and sneakers than her dresses. She gets dirty with the best of them. Since today was her birthday, she dictated what we did. The day consisted of a doughnut,   the playground with "Tina and the boys" and a viewing of Finding Nemo. 

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