Tuesday, December 20, 2011

4 Years Old

Today my first born turns four years old. I know I can speak for Chris when I say that everyday, no matter how difficult they might sometimes be, is made better with him around. He can light up a room with his smile and make you laugh out loud. He seems so young, yet so old to me. He has the wisdom that little ones often possess. Simple insights into things that adults tend to complicate. He keeps us focused and happy.

So I just want to say a few words to future Liam. The one that will have his head clouded with things that adults need to think about...

Liam, I don't know what our relationship will be like in the coming years. I can only hope we can find common interests when you reach your teenage years and that you take advantage of the life experience that your Dad and I have had. There are few things you can do to disappoint me. All I ask is that you do your best at any task that is set before you and keep the people you love close by. Oh and try not to care about what everyone else is doing because I assure you that what they think doesn't matter. Take time to look around and always re-evaluate what is important. This is the point in the conversation where I refrain from calling you my little snuggle bug, but come on, we all know it.. you are.

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Anonymous said...

I have a feeling the teenage years will be just fine with you as his mommy. Chris will remember how hard it was and give him a level head as well. but for now, he is the cutest thing ever!

Love, Aunt Judy Conway