Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Let me just start by saying that a cast on an almost 15 month old is the cutest/saddest thing ever. She fell on Tuesday night, but a normal fall. She was screaming and grabbing at her arm. We just figured it was bruised a little, but when she kept grabbing at it the second day I figured we should take her in. Fast forward through various doctor offices, hospitals, and x-rays and it ends up she has a buckle fracture on her left forearm and needs a cast.

I cannot explain to you how amazing she was all day long. I was constantly getting her in and out of her carseat. She didn't get her normal nap. I had to fill out oodles of paperwork. Through it all, she was all smiles. She visited every single person in every single waiting room we visited today and she did it with a grin. I guarantee she made a few people's day and that is the magic of Livi. :)

The downside of it all, the very HUGE downside is that she can't reach her thumb. This is bad, this is sooo bad. Imagine Batman without Robin, ok that's not actually that hard to do. The point here is that she relies heavily on that thumb to soothe her. If tonight was any indication, the next three weeks are gonna SUCK!