Saturday, August 14, 2010

Double Take

So apparently, my son who won't touch a single vegetable I make will eat a mixed baby greens salad? I have never even attempted to give it to him before because he can't stand your basic iceburg lettuce. Last weekend, he tried it off Kama's plate and just kept scarfing the stuff down. So, convinced it was a fluke, I offered it to him again tonight. He ate more of the salad than anything other part of the dinner.

I don't think I can express how happy this makes me. I can offer him every vegetable in the world, but if he doesn't eat it- there is not much more I can do. Sometimes I hide veggies in his food, but it's always been so important to me that he learn how to eat healthy, balanced meals. So the fact that he is voluntarily and happily eating a freaking salad is.... amazing... and so very very awesome.

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Anonymous said...

he eats it here! i only buy mixed baby greens or arugula.. :)