Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Breathe In, Breathe Out

I was about to do another post on Livi and realized that almost all of my posts lately have been about Livi. Not a lot of Liam action and it's not because Livi has taken over all the attention. The truth of the matter is that I often feel guilty that Livi doesn't get enough attention. And why? Terrible. Twos. It's hard to be happy and take photos of a child that is a perfect angel one minute and flies off the handle the next minute because you poured his milk into the green cup instead of the orange one.

Daddy O will tell you that I am not known for my patience. I have a short fuse and Liam knows just how to light it. At one point I got so upset about the way he was acting that I swore he was bipolar. I even asked the doctor about his behavior. After talking to him and many other parents, I have come to realize that he is just two. Some people tell me it gets better and some tell me it gets worse. I would really love to stop walking on eggshells soon. Fingers crossed.

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Peggy said...

Liam is just growing up. He is doing what he is supposed to, forming his own thoughts and opinions. I remember the fun of trying to figure them out so I could avoid all the tears and storming about. I think you are a great Mom and you seem way more patient than I ever was.
I have to tell you something though, you might as well try and figure out a way to cope because there is more in store for you than the "terrible twos." Every age has a challenge attached to it. Emily is entering her terrible 20's!