Sunday, February 28, 2010

These Days

Livi's first week birthday has come and gone already. That means Daddy O's week off of work is also ending :( But we definitely made the most of this family week. We didn't venture out all that much, but we had such a fantastic time together. Liam and Daddy have had some seriously cute bonding time and Livi and I have done some bonding of our own.

There were trips to the playground, Monkey Joe's, Target (woohoo), the doctor's office and lots of great visitors (including cousin Eli from Orlando). Livi was already back to her birth weight after 5 days and the doctor said she is "perfect" which I agree with. She is a seriously good baby- what a difference from the first time around. The only time she gets fussy is to tell you she has gas or is hungry. But I am still not looking forward to dealing with both of them on my own for the next 5 weeks. I just keep telling myself there are millions of moms doing it all over the world and so can I. So we are holding onto our last day together and trying to ignore that tomorrow means back to reality for Chris and starting a new reality for me.

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