Tuesday, February 23, 2010

26 Month Update

If there was any doubt that Liam was 2 before, there certainly isn't anymore. He is in full on sassy, bossy, independent mode and there is no stopping him. He is actually still a good kid, but there are alot more freakouts if he doesn't get what he wants, alot more ignoring the requests that he doesn't care to obey, and alot more insisting that things go his way.

He is communicating all this very well, which is actually the only exciting part of it. He just tells it like he sees it. "I don't want...." or "I want..." are common ways to start a sentence these days. He will also tell me or Chris "Don't touch that" or "Put that there" or "No more talking". And although it sounds demanding and off-putting (and kinda entertaining), I don't know that he is really trying to be mean. It's just the way he knows how to communicate what he wants. That doesn't mean we put up with it- he still needs to know that isn't how you talk to people, but I am by no means worried by it.

He has also learned the art of making a deal. If you have kids, you should already know this tactic pretty well. It's one of the many techniques parents use to get their kids to do things without a fight. I made the mistake ONCE of asking Liam if he wanted to put his pants on "later" so that I didn't have to deal with the fight at that second. Everyday since, he has insisted on putting his pants on "later" which means everyday I have a boy running around in his undies until the second before we leave the house where he concedes and puts his pants on.

But he really is still a good boy who eats and sleeps well and loves his family... and the Saints... and the Beatles (Ringo is his favorite, how do you not love a kid whose favorite Beatle is Ringo).

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Anonymous said...

Just asked Liam who is favorite Beatle was and.... Still Ringo... 5 years later...