Thursday, October 4, 2012

Will Work for Disney

For some reason my kids have been on a Disney kick lately. Especially my Livi Lu since I don't think she much remembers her last trip and she looooves Mickey and Minnie. They have been asking for a while to go back and so I would answer that "Mommy and Daddy need to save their money cause it's expensive." Every time they asked when they would be able to go, this was the reply.
One day Livi asked me where I was going after I dropped them off at school and I told her I was going to work. "Oh, so we can go to Disney?" Yes Livi. I work solely to support our Disney habit. Wouldn't that be nice if it were the case? From then on, Livi began telling the teachers that I was going to work so they could go to Disney.

This was so ingrained in them that when we headed to Orlando this past weekend, it didn't even occur to them that we might actually be going to Disney World. Even after passing countless billboards (and they pointed out each and every one), they seemed perfectly fine with going to visit their cousin. This made me so proud. Then the day came (last Monday) when we actually were going to Disney. We surprised them with Mickey and Minnie shirts as a way to break the news and they were so excited. Soon after Liam would ask, "So we saved enough money? Now we get to go?". Yes bear, now we get to go. :)

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