Sunday, October 7, 2012

Jedi Training

Getting his Jedi cloak
We just arrived back from our week long Orlando vacation. First off, I can't remember the last time I had a full week off from work that wasn't related to having a child. So that was awesome! This week was obviously geared towards the theme parks. And although I will be posting many adorable pics from the week, this post is about one event in particular.... Jedi. Training. In order to have your kid be a part of the Jedi Training show at Hollywood Studios, you have to arrive when the park opens and haul ass over to the Star Wars section of the park so you can wait in line for half an hour in the hopes that all the spots for the day haven't filled up yet.

Lucky for us we reserved a spot for Liam for the 1:50 viewing. Now as most of you know, Liam is a cautious soul and so many of the rides that he has been talking about endlessly for the past few months were met with panic and fear and "Mommy, let's go. I don't want to ride this." That's fine. We are not those parents that spend 20 minutes trying to convince him that he is missing out on a grand opportunity. Mostly because we are beginning to understand when it's worth pushing him to do something. Getting on a ride that scares the bejesus out of him just doesn't fit into that category. But we were crossing our fingers that he would want to participate in the Jedi Training. It's just so cool and we knew he would love the whole thing.

Well, he talked about it up until the time came to congregate in a back room with the other kids that would be participating. He got in line, he walked all the way to the stage and.... and... nothing. He was fine. He was excited. And we were relieved. He was brimming with anticipation. And although he needed help every time they were asked to "activate" their light sabers, he was proud that Darth Vader told him he could sense the "force in him". This little video is just the outtake of him going up against Lord Vader, but true Liam fans can catch the whole act here. If you watch the full version, you might be able to see the very real, albeit fleeting, fear that swept over his face when Darth Vader arrived. It was much more apparent in real time. Also, the part at the very end with the storm troopers was his very favorite part of the whole show and that's what he will tell you about if you ask of the experience.

Certified Padawan

Making his custom light saber

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