Tuesday, May 29, 2012

It's happening!

It is quite possibly my favorite thing in the entire world. Seeing my kids draw things on their own that resemble actual things that you might recognize. Liam is not too big of an artist, but he knows one way to light up my face is to draw me something. Well now, ladies and jellybeans (as Livi says), we have a new contender! I was about to throw away this piece of scrap paper that Livi was doodling on when I noticed something that I recognized! A happy face. No, no.. TWO happy faces!!

"Did you do this? LIVI, DID YOU DRAW THIS?" I screamed like a crazy person. While Liam gawked at me as if I had a second head, Livi just nodded her head wondering if she was in some kind of trouble or something. No missy, on the contrary. You just made my day.

This is pretty much how she was looking at me while I was freaking out about my discovery.

Liam's first family portrait! Not sure why I have a teepee on my head or why Liam has wolverine claws.

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