Sunday, June 3, 2012

Memorial Day

Seems to be becoming a tradition to spend 3 day holidays with the whole fam up at my sister's house in Orlando. And each time we go up there, I am always surprised by how different the kids are and how much they have grown. Every time is a whole new experience. This time, Eli and Liam did a lot more imaginative play and alot more time was spent quietly in Eli's room sharing toys. But of course, the word "poop" was still repeated constantly with giggles to follow. Zoe is old enough to start interacting with Livi even though Livi insists she is still a baby. And everyone just adores Hope. The lone baby. There were so many around for so long, but these days they are becoming more of a rarity and Hope gets alot of loving because of it (oh and also because she is ridiculously cute).

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