Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Between Pinterest and Mommy blogs, it doesn't take much to make me feel like I don't do enough in the creative department with my kids. Especially since I am supposed to be a somewhat "creative" person. There is only so much time a mom who works more than full time can do, but it's no excuse. This past weekend I decided it didn't need to be some big project to keep my kids engaged. In fact, I think it's the simplest things that get my kids imagination going.

So don't ask me where it came from, but I decided that we would go on a rock hunt around the yard. We grabbed our Easter baskets and pretended to walk through the jungle that is our back yard as we spotted rocks to collect. Then we brought our treasures into the patio to paint! What point does this have? Absolutely none. But like I said it's often the simplest and silliest of things that they find the most amusing. The kids loved it and through this I discovered I have a little artist on my hands. Livi spent about an hour painting intently. She was so peaceful and concentrated, I secretly wished we could build her her very own art studio in her room for occasions where she is feeling especially "two year oldish".

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Lizzerbee said...

I love Livi's painting! I would seriously commission her for a piece of work. What can I pay her off with? Marshmallows? Fuzzy bunnies? :)