Monday, April 2, 2012

School Pics- Retro style

Chris circa 1975.. oh no, I mean Liam.. last week...

Oh school pics... how I love thee. Some of you may remember our last, amazing batch of school pics. Part of me wished to have a similar outcome this time around, but alas... my babes were on point. And although my kids were surprisingly into it this time, it doesn't mean these pictures aren't strange to me. Am I the only one that feels like these are the same props and backgrounds that were used back when we were kids? Why are these school picture companies so intent on sticking around the seventies. I know, I know- it doesn't help that my son has a haircut and shirt that makes him look like he's off to the disco after school. But the combination of that and this background just crack me up. It's kinda beautiful. I love every second of bad school pics and I wouldn't want it any other way.

I'm sorry, but when did I lose my 4 year old to this 8 year old looking model?


Oh- this must be bizarro world. This girl looks way to sweet to be my Livi.

Here. Hold these extremely plastic looking flowers because surely they will enhance the photo.

Simply perfect

Has never played soccer.

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Sof said...

These are beyond AWESOME!!! One question: is Livi wearing jeggings? Hahaha