Friday, April 13, 2012


Hello strangers, it makes me sad that I haven't posted in so long. Of course, I didn't have a computer for a while and I still don't have a camera (thanks thieves!). So we will have to deal with these mediocre pictures from my phone. :/

Anyhow, this Easter I decided to channel my mom and do a little scavenger hunt for the kids to find their baskets. There were two kinds of eggs, one was Darth Vader and one was Elmo. When we found a Darth egg, Liam was the one to pick it up and open it. When it was Elmo, Livi got to be the lucky one. Because we all know how kids love to fight over who does something first. The last clue led them to the garage where their baskets were found! They were both so excited and edible. I love my yummy bunnies.

Then it was off to Tina's for brunch and an Easter Egg hunt with family and friends. Back home for a visit from Aunt Beth, Meredith and Kama. And then an end to the day with a viewing of Hop. If you count their basket from school, these kids ended up getting FIVE Easter baskets EACH. If only they had more people in their life that cared about them...

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