Monday, March 19, 2012


Today was Liam's first visit to the dentist! Some people think you should take kids when they are one year old and I think that is frickin crazy. There is no way a one year old would have the wherewithal to understand and allow  a dentist what they need to do. Once my own dentist confirmed this to me, I wasn't gonna rush him in. So glad I waited because it was so NOT an issue like I thought it would be. He just laid there and watched his movie while they did their thing. 

Since it was a pediatric office, they were very good at explaining everything and coming up with names for all the instruments. He got x-rays and he got to see what his teeth looked like.  We even got to see the extra tooth that he apparently has.. in baby and adult form. What does that mean? It means there is a very good chance he will have to have a tooth removed when he is older.  Blah. But as Kama says, I will have enough time to forget he needs it before I am reminded again. For now though, no cavities and a great bite. And a great goody bag. 

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