Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Pirate For a Day

Explaining the pirate rules of the boat

We got a voucher a couple of months ago for a pirate adventure. I wasn't sure what to expect, but I thought it would be something different to do with the kids.  So when we got there on Sunday and we were the only ones booked for the adventure, I felt kinda bad. A family with some vouchers couldn't have even covered the gas for the boat, much less the three people that were there to make our adventure everything it was (thankfully, there was a tip jar ;).

This didn't deter their enthusiasm though. For that I give them props. And for that I want to tell everyone I know with kids how amazing this was. The "crew" did such a great job staying in character and getting the kids into the act. My kids got their pirate tattoos, dressed up in their sash and vest and learned the vernacular. Then they proceeded to get on the boat where an elaborate treasure hunt took place. The detail that went into all this was nothing less than impressive. From learning about the different parts of the boat, to pointing out landmarks we saw that matched our map. There was even an evil pirate that showed up towards the end on a smaller boat that we had to attack with our water cannons. Water cannons! brilliant!

I highly recommend anyone in the area check out Bluefoot Pirates. Would be great for a birthday party too if this is a bit much to spend for just a day out. A great bunch of people that I would love to see succeed with this great idea. 

Heave, Hoooo

Pirate Pact

Following the treasure map to find the key

This crazy pirate stole our key! We had no choice but to attack with our water cannons.

With a little help from Davey Jones, we got our key!

What's in the chest?


Good job, Pirate Liam

Daddy's version of a treasure map later that day.

Liam glowing at his Daddy's enthusiasm.

It's less impressive when you find out that Mommy drew this. Eeek! Coloring by Pirate Liam.

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