Monday, June 13, 2011

New School

A sigh of relief from mom. The kids have adjusted to the new school smashingly! Liam asks me every morning if we are going back to the new school and when I say yes, he gets all excited. One day he even said, "Thanks for letting me go to the new school, Mom". Uhhh, sure honey. When I called at lunch time to see how he was faring, his teacher told me he was doing great and was currently talking to his friends on the playground about Star Wars :)

I used to work in a summer camp and there was always one kid that had to sit next to me when we were on the playground or on my lap when we watched a movie. Well, it appears my Livi is THAT child. Every time I pick her up, she is next to or sitting on her teacher. All of the teachers (from every class) tell me how cute and well behaved she is and that tells me she is enjoying herself. Cause if there is one thing I know about Livi, it's that she lets her discontent be known to all.

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