Sunday, June 5, 2011

End of an Era

Lots of changes goin' on in these here parts lately. After almost 5 years with the same company, I am starting a new job tomorrow. It's a weird feeling. As many opinions as I have of my former employers, the fact remains that I learned sooo much there and was so comfortable there. I was a veteran of sorts and leaving there is like leaving my parents to go to college. I'm feelin all grown up now. I'm not the only one growing up.

My little chickens are also in for a big change tomorrow. After 3 years with Ms Jordanna, they are starting at a Montessori school. It's a completely different environment. They have classrooms and won't be with each other all day. I'm just glad this change happened after Livi's first year. I am ok with it now, but I am a big believer that babies should be in a home environment if possible for the first year. Liam is really excited, but I am not sure if he really understands that he won't be with Livi. We've talked about it and he knows, but I think the feeling of missing her not being around might surprise him.

At any rate, there is no replacing Jordanna. And I don't intend to. This is just the next step in their development. It's happening a little earlier for Livi, but she is tougher than Liam and I think she will handle it just fine. Funny how things just work out that way.


Nancy said...

Well written, as usual. I cried of course.

Jordanna's So Called Life said...

:*( I was truly pushing to stay open and postpone things until Livi was older, but with your new job and needing care till 7pm.. that wasn't going to work, as you had decided as well. I am sure you will rock at your new job and the kids will be just fine. xo

Anonymous said...

Made me cry too. Love you all so much! Judy