Monday, April 4, 2011

Star Wars

It started with a sweatshirt. Evan left his Star Wars sweater at our house and Liam asked me about it. "Can you talk about Star Wars?" And so it began. I started explaining the different characters from the movie and he was enthralled. He wanted to hear about it over and over again. Obviously, he isn't old enough to watch the actual Star Wars, but he will watch the Lego version over and over again. "I don't like Jar Jar Beans Mommy" " Nobody does honey".

Now he has a couple Star Wars toys and loves to listen to the soundtrack from the movie on Daddy's phone. He's hooked and we can't wait until the day he gets to watch the real deal. Move over Buzz Lightyear, Darth Vader is in town.

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Anonymous said...

He sings it just like Jim!