Tuesday, April 19, 2011

14 Month Update

Livi's walking has really improved in the last month. She is falling a lot less and is really zipping around the house. Lots of babbling lately too. I love that phase where they can have full conversations with you, but not a single intelligible word is spoken. She calls most things either "baby", "daddy" or "duck". Although she did learn the word "doggie" this month and has shown an absolute adoration for them. I've seen babies that get spooked by dogs, but she just loves everything about them.

Her hair is almost long enough to tuck behind her ear which is good since she won't keep a clip in it for over .5 seconds. If you haven't already gathered, she isn't the girliest of girls and that is just fine with me. She loves to play with balls and gravitates towards cars. That might also be because that's what you get when you have an older brother. Kama had made her a tutu for her birthday and she growled and tugged at it until we took it off. So something tells me she won't be dressing up like a princess when she gets a little older.

She loves to laugh and has this amazing, husky laugh that just makes you light up inside when you hear it. She is charming and fantastic and I just adore her. Oh and she is doughy, so delightfully doughy. Like the Pillsbury Doughboy. I constantly want to nuzzle my nose into that crease where her head meets her shoulders... ya know, where you would find a neck on most other people. We just like her so much.

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