Sunday, April 17, 2011

One Day Soon

Now that Liam is old enough to understand holidays a little better, it's a lot harder to get things by him. Every store we walk into has Easter paraphernalia littering the entryway so it's natural for him to want to know about the holiday. I try to explain it the best I can, but all he hears is basket full of goodies and all he wants to know is "when". Every morning for the last two weeks has been started with the question "Today is Easter?".

Although he might be old enough to "get" the special occasion, he is definitely NOT old enough to understand the time frame or the fact that we have to wait until a certain day. I am sure he thinks I am just making him wait as some sort of evil, twisted game. You know how depraved us mommies can be. But in all reality it will be here before ya know it. Hare and gone.. get it.. hare.. ok, ok.. maybe I am a bit depraved...

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