Friday, July 16, 2010

Swimming Lessons

So remember how I said Liam was not really big on going into the water? I felt like he was missing out on alot of fun because of it and also wanted the assurance that he would know what to do if God forbid he ever fell into a pool and we couldn't get to him in time. Enter Suzanne from Edge Aquatics. For anyone interested in getting swimming lessons for their kids in South Florida, I highly recommend Edge Aquatics. They come to you and they are super affordable.

This kid went from kicking and screaming when I dropped him off to giving high-fives, floating and (*gasp*) going under water. On the fifth and final day, he left me with a smile on his face and was excited to get in the water. Suzanne says he will be swimming in no time and I am sooooooo proud of him.

PS- Please excuse the stupid, black bars in these pictures. I had to be out of sight for the whole lesson thing to work so I was hiding out in our clubhouse which for some reason has bars on the outside.

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