Monday, July 12, 2010


I really need to start giving this kid more credit. We almost didn't go to this little shindig because we "knew" how Liam would react to seeing the big, red dog known as Clifford in real life. To put it lightly, he has never cared for characters. He has always been downright petrified of them. And this outing was no different at first. Then he spotted his buds dancing and swaying in the back row and ran to them.

When the line formed for kids to meet and take pics with Clifford, he choose to sit back with mom and be more of an observer. Until, once again, his buds took the stage with Clifford and then the craziest thing happened. This kid wandered into my shot! And not just any kid- MY kid! Before I knew it, he was wanting to take his own pics and giving Clifford high-fives. I don't know why I find this whole event so fascinating. Maybe to me it signifies a bit of growing up on his part. Like he is finally thinking about the situation and realizing it's silly to be afraid. Or maybe I am overthinking it as usual and he just succumbed to peer pressure?

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