Wednesday, October 29, 2008

We went!

The Obama/Biden rally was a very interesting experience. I was immediately awe-struck by how organized everything was. Everyone at work was telling me I was crazy for going, that it was going to be a zoo, that I probably wasn't even going to get in. I was imaging massive crowds of people pushing their way in, knocking others to the ground in order to get a good seat. Instead, we waited barely 20 minutes before we got in. There were volunteers everywhere that couldn't have been nicer and even the people attending the rally were incredibly nice. We got our seats fairly easily and it started right on time. Joe spoke for only about 20 minutes and then Obama came on.
I know they do these things all of time, but I still have a great apreciation for all of the planning that goes into each and every last one of them. From the design to the crowd control to the media to the lighting. Running for president is a lot like running a business. You have to surround yourself with people you trust to do their job. When you think about it, the same goes to whoever ends up with the position. I'm crossing my fingers that it's Obama.

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