Monday, April 1, 2013

Awesome Things Liam Says

Liam: Mommy, how did you find Daddy?
Mommy: Do you mean how did I meet him?
Liam: I mean when you married him. How did you find him to marry him?
Mommy: Oh well, I didn't always know Daddy. I worked at a restaurant with Aunt Tina and that's where I met Daddy.
Liam: And then you married him?
Mommy: Yes, but not right away. We were friends for a few years first.
Liam: You thought he was handsome and so you married him?
Mommy: I did think he was handsome but that's not why I married him. I married him because he was kind and sweet and funny and we liked the same kind of things.
Liam: Do you only marry one person?
Mommy: Yea, if things don't work out you can get whats called a divorce and then you aren't married anymore. If you want you can marry someone else after you get divorced.
Liam: Are you gonna marry someone else?
Mommy: I don't plan on it. I kinda like Daddy. I think I'll keep him around. What do you think?
Liam: Yea, I like Daddy.
Livi chimes in: I like Daddy.

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