Sunday, January 27, 2013


The last couple of months have brought a welcome change in the way my two kids interact with each other. As each of them blossom into little people,  their relationship has begun to evolve. Livi is becoming less of a bother and more of a friend to Liam. It's the single greatest thing I have ever witnessed. They crack each other up and have their own  little inside jokes. They play this game called "Sha Sha" where they run after each other and yell.... well, Sha Sha. I don't personally see the appeal in it, but they can't get enough of it. The give more hugs and fight a little less. On the rare occasion one of us is with one of the kids and not the other, they spend that time wondering aloud when they will be back together. It's a welcome change and I'm hoping this lasts for a while.

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