Monday, August 20, 2012

First Day

This boys hair...
First day of the new school and I have to say it went pretty well. On the way in, Livi asked where we were going and when I told her we were going to her new school she got a big grin and asked, "We going to see Ms Isaida?".  It broke my heart to have to tell her that no, we weren't going to see Ms. Isaida. She would have a new teacher at a new school with new friends. She started to cry. Although I have been trying to prepare her, there is only so much you can prepare a 2 year old before reality hits her. She got over it though and only cried a little when we left her in her classroom.

Liam was shy as always, but thankfully his friend Cameron was there along with a big pile of toys. He kissed me goodbye about 10 times before another little boy came up and put his arm around him and led him back to the toys. So cute.

At pickup, Livi's teacher told Chris that she was so sweet and smart and that she stopped crying right after we left. Liam's teacher was less forthcoming with details, but she also had a full classroom and I know pickup is not the best time to ask how the day went. But he seemed to like it. He did have a bit of a meltdown at dinner for an unrelated reason, but I can't help but think it was caused by all the newness. Sometimes kids let things out around the people they trust the most. But he is eager to get back and that makes me happy.

"Take a picture of tiger, Mommy"

Wait, why are you saluting? Put your hands down!

I give up.


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sof said...

1st of all, wow!! You parents go through a lot. Can you imagine this big ball of sap going through any of this??? I would never stop crying. Secondly, Livi just can't take a bad pic. Lastly, I am so happy Cam and Liam are in the same class. That is so AWESOME!!!!!