Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Livi Update

This little girl. I can't even... well, I'm gonna try. Her personality is bigger than big. She is as sweet as she is tough, as gentle as she is harsh and as dependent as she is independent. She has named her only Barbie "Jessi" which gives me conflicting feelings, but mostly I am flattered. She got it in a gift exchange last year and has decided that "Barbie is my favorite". When I tell her I don't think it is (trying to use Jedi mind tricks), she assures me that "I love Barbie A LOT Mommy. I need a Daddy." Don't be alarmed, she is referring to a man for her Jessi doll- not an actual daddy.

She informs me daily that her favorite color is pink. She loves to wear her Dora bracelet and her beads around her neck. She is obsessed with babies. I have lost count how many babies she has and each of them have the same name... say it with me... "baby". I know, creative, right?

She will sing and dance around the house with fervor. She has this one song she sings about how she can do anything and she raises her hands in the air and throws back her head on the long notes. Diva potential I tell you. But don't mistake any of this for being a pushover. She is independent and fierce. She will try something 20 times if she has to, but she will do it and on her own. "Stop it. I do it myself!" is heard often.

Liam loves to watch her and laughs and laughs. He thinks she is a bit nuts and he may have a point.

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Sof said...

Love her. Love you.